Assignment of Personal Property

Assignment of Personal Property

When an individual passes away, their personal property must be distributed to heirs. Without a proper estate plan in place, these belongings must go through probate, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. As a prominent California based estate planning law firm, Brasov Law has helped numerous people navigate the assignment of personal property to avoid probate and distribute their estate faster and easier.

After creating a trust, it is necessary to fund it with assets and property. This is because the trustee is only able to handle assets within the trust. Many people believe that funding their trust with real estate and money is sufficient, meaning they do not account for personal items that they may own. For the most holistic protection, designating the assignment of personal property is an essential component of any estate plan.


Brasov Law has extensive experience in estate planning and is aware of the typical concerns individuals and families face. With its thorough trust package, you can plan for potential problems that may occur in the event of death or incapacity. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets will be properly allocated and your loved ones will be taken care of after you pass.

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Narcis Brasov is ready to help you and your family.

Meet Narcis Brasov

Narcis Brasov is fluent in Spanish and a proud alumnus of Trinity Law School. Narcis graduated in May 2017 at the top of his class with the highest GPA in the history of the institution. After completing his education, Narcis went on to teach Wills, Trusts, and Estates at Trinity and began practicing law in January 2018. Narcis has a sincere passion for the law and dedication to education. Narcis holds the following diplomas:

Juris Doctor at Trinity Law School

Single Subject Teaching Credential at Azusa Pacific University

Master of Arts in Philosophy at Biola University, Talbot School of Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Southern California

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of Southern California

Attorney Narcis Brasov understands the challenges families deal with.

The Total Estate Planning Solution:
The All-Inclusive Package.

Narcis Brasov's experience leads to a thorough estate planning package, protecting you and your family from unnecessary confusion.

Tailored To Your Needs

Narcis Brasov is caring and thorough. He takes the time to understand you and your family's needs, ensuring all details are addressed with his comprehensive approach.


Narcis creates his documents to enable trustees to manage unforeseen circumstances in a manner that meets your approval.

Experience Matters

Narcis has assisted hundreds of families in both Los Angeles and Orange County, and is ready to extend his support to your family as well.

The Comprehensive Trust Package
Covers most clients' foundational needs.
Documents included with this package:
Living Trust
Certificate of Trust
Declaration of Trust
Power of Attorney
Advance Healthcare Directive
HIPAA Waiver
Final Disposition
Nomination of Guardianship (For Minor Children)
Designation of Healthcare Agent (For Minor Children)
Assignment of Personal Property
Homestead Declaration
Real Estate Deed to Trust
Instructions to Financial Institutions
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"Mr.Brasov helped me and my husband do our living trust in August 2022. He was very informative and made the process easy. Would highly recommend him."

Samantha B.

"Mr. Brasov did our trust and estate planning in August 2022. He did an amazing job and was so helpful throughout the process. He made it really easy and we found working with him fantastic. He's such a nice guy. We couldn't recommend his services enough. Thank you so much Narcis!!"

Carol Q.

"He [Narcis] went beyond and above helping me find special needs trust information. He called back after hours with information that I needed. What I needed was very specific. So he referred me to somebody that could do the work. He seemed very kind and efficient."

Cheryl M.

"Great Attorney and honest. Very patient and knowledgeable. He [Narcis] answers all of our questions and  very good pricing. Very detailed and organized and I did my research, very good Attorney to work with."

William C.

"My husband and I contacted Narcis about estate planning and he was incredibly helpful. We were rather clueless about the whole process and he never made us feel it. He was knowledgeable and informative. We have a special needs daughter and he guided us in getting her set up for the future."

Courtney L.

"I will like to thank Brasov law for helping my family and I , Mr Brasov was very patient and very detailed with his work I was amazed with him even I asked 101 questions he was helpful every step. Thank you again from my family and I."

Josue H.

"I was in charge of my mom and dad's trust. Having that responsibility while grieving the lost of my parents was overwhelming. I called Brasov Law to help me with paperwork that needed to be done. He was kind, quick and helpful. He made a difficult task go smooth. Very professional and very responsible. I was thankful."

Vanessa I.

"My parents loved him , my parents are in their early 60's and wanted to to their living trust. Narcis Brasov was great, he speaks Spanish and was able to explain every step to my parents (who had ALLOT of questions) he definitely took his time to make sure they felt comfortable with everything and knew the whole process. His fees I believe are very reasonable as well."

Paola H.

"Narcis was very helpful in explaining my role in a complicated family trust. He was patient, answered my questions and was thorough. I will be using him for all trust needs in the future."

Skyler V.

"We had to put together an estate plan and living trust and choose Mr.Brasov.  To our delight, he not only made the process painless, he was systematically thorough.  His demeanor was always polite and respectful and we really enjoyed working with him. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!"

Jane J.

Ensure Your Final Wishes Are Known -
Don't Leave Your Legacy To Chance.

Security for every stage of life

Attorney Narcis Brasov is your estate planning partner through every stage of life.

Next Chapters

As you near retirement, it's crucial to think about the management and distribution of your assets in the event of your passing or inability to handle your affairs independently.

Big Moves

While buying a home can be thrilling, it can also raise concerns about safeguarding your assets for future generations.

New Families

Begin securing your family's future today with estate planning services from Narcis Brasov, as it's never too early to plan for the future.

Life Changes

To secure the future of your loved ones, take the initiative in estate planning. Ensure your children are placed under the guardianship of your choosing in the event of your passing.

Brasov Law offers the following services to support your family:

Advance Healthcare Directive

Assignment of Personal Property

Comprehensive Trust Package

Designation of Healthcare Agent (For Minor Children)

Final Disposition

First Party Special Needs Trust

HIPAA Waiver

Homestead Declaration

Hourly Consultations

IRA Beneficiary Trust

Living Trust

Medi-Cal Planning Trust

Nomination of Guardianship (For Minor Children)

Power of Attorney

Real Estate Deeds

Real Estate Deeds To Trust

Third Party Special Needs Trusts

Trust Administration

Narcis' creates a frictionless experience for your trust or estate planning documents

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